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Stupid FUCK!!!

I was born like this. With hips like this. Lips like this and wrists like this. Legs like this and arms like this. A fist like this to hit you with. Now..

You're like school on Sunday, You ain't got no class, Keep runnin your mouth but, You can KISS MY ASS!

Not made to measure, one size does not fit all, I will not be the one... You make to take the fall…

I got the curves to fear, I got the words to feel and when I scream I've heard them say. I've got the voice to heal. You don't need to be sorry. You don't need to be saved. You just need to be proud of.. the body that God gave.

I'm just tired of the critics who keep TALKIN THAT BULLSHIT!!!

Keep runnin your mouth, but I just might kick your ass and burn you in hell!
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