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Today was a day full of boring shit. Well, that's a nice start I supose =)

Today we (my class and I) went to Amsterdam for a project. Well, not really a project, but more an expedition... right?! okay! What the hell...

To begin with, I was in the first place already 10 minutes late. Well, big deal! We had to wait for over 30 minutes outside, in the sun, with 30 degrees and no wind or shadow...

So, now I now How it feels to live in hell... or something like that!

Finally we could enter the first builing and go upstairs to the 11th floor. Very nice view if I may say. I've smoked a cigarette and when finished, we went back to the first floor so we could join our class.

It took me 5 seconds to come with the idea of: WTF AM I DOIN' HERE!!! So I run our of the building (and no, I was not screaming) and stoped by the first pub I've crossed and ordered a nice cold beer =)

I was sitting on a terrase, out of the sun and in the wind and smoking my hourely cigarette. When finished I went back to the trainstation and started my journey back home.
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